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  1. Adrienne
    December 10, 2012

    Hey Sylviane,

    Wow, thanks so much for using me as an example and for the oh so nice words.

    You are so right, content is not the only way. Without it we have nothing that’s the truth. But you definitely don’t want to just count on SEO methods because without building a relationship with your readers, those people won’t continue to keep coming back for more. I mean, that’s why we’re here right!

    We are both now living examples of what it takes to get consistent loyal traffic coming to your blog day after day, month after month and even year after year. Heck, if you go back to my blog in 2010 you’ll see I rarely got any comments at all.

    The key here is that even if you have the best content in the world, if you are not nice to people then you’re toast. It’s true and I’ve even written about this before. If people like you they’ll keep coming back. If they don’t, they’ll go find the people they do like.

    Great content and I’ll definitely be sharing this one with all my friends cause it’s good stuff.

    Thank you again Sylviane for the mention, I’m so honored. Enjoy your week and I’ll see you soon.

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    • Sylviane Nuccio
      December 10, 2012

      Ah Adrienne, I know you always share my posts, but I kinda of knew you would be wanting to share this one ;)

      I took you as an example, because I know some people who would envy your comment area, and by the way had maybe more comments then you this past year, but you’ve beat them now big time. And those folks have great content, Adrienne, it’s not that the content sucks, but they do :(

      I feel the same anger towards those people that you feel when someone register you where you have not registered yourself. Know what I mean? So, I write about it to let it out :)

      Thanks for coming, Adrienne.

  2. Mayura
    December 10, 2012

    Hi Sylviane,

    You are very true about the relationships and Adrienne is the best at it :) I think you start experimenting as you went through this year to see how your blog progressing, no? :)

    I remember you mentioning about you are not getting enough traffic for some posts as they deserved :) Sometimes I have a feeling that not everyone loves our content too. For example if I can’t relate to a post in any way, I may not comment but my visit counts. I have seen for some of my oldest posts, no comments but it is one of popular posts.

    Recently I heard from few of my readers on Facebook who always visit my blog and I was surprised that eventhough they visit my blog they don’t comment ’cause they feel not to comment after seeing comments of others. Let me tell you exact thing he said ~ “I don’t think my comment will add value to your post”. Really?

    I think it’s true ’cause I was afraid when I do start commenting on blogs too. If I haven’t started, I would just stop by here and share your post, but never comment eventhough it’s the best :) If I don’t comment, you wouldn’t get to know me too, no?

    I think while we generating quality content, we need to reach out and interact with others rather than waiting for ‘em to come, so they will pay attention on us too :) I think being initiator is always the best and it will pay out soon.

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    • Sylviane Nuccio
      December 11, 2012

      Hi Mayura,

      Well, I would answer to your friends that every comment adds some type of value as long as they are sincere and more than just “great post”. But, anyone can say more than “great post” He could even say something like… “well, I’m not sure my comment will add value to your post but I’m going to try to say what comes to mind….” If someone left me a comment like that, it would be definitely OK with me.

      I rarely go to a blog and not leave a comment, because everyone in their right mind usually appreciate comments. It doesn’t have to be long, just saying I was here.

      Thanks for yours, Mayura :)

  3. Sapna
    December 10, 2012

    Hi Sylviane

    I could relate your post to my story and could say that you have really shown the importance of building relationship, the baby step to start via commenting.

    I started with Adrienne in the month of November and today I know I am trying my best to build relationship. Some surely have been built and trust is gradually developing.

    Content will become best only if seen and admired by someone.

    Thanks for this remarkable post.


    • Sylviane Nuccio
      December 11, 2012

      Hi Sapna,

      Yes, I’ve seen you recently on Adrienne’s and other blogs and it seems that you’ve got it. I agree with Adrienne that relationship is everything.

      Keep up the good work!

  4. Donna Merrill
    December 10, 2012


    You have written such an important message here for other bloggers to follow. Yes, content is important but I shall quote Mari Smith when she says “Content Is King, But Engagement Is Queen, And The Queen Rules The House.” When I first heard this quote it immediately confirmed that I was on the right track.
    We blog, we get comments, we need to answer those comments. Then go to that blogger Read their post and comment back.
    Then we take it to the next level and connect with them on social sites. Before you know it, you become “friends” and visit each other frequently. It’s all about being social.
    This is great advice for any blogger out there and I am glad you wrote about it.

    • Sylviane Nuccio
      December 11, 2012

      Yes, Donna, you said it all.

      I know that a portion of our traffic is just traffic that don’t comment, but frankly, unless such traffic buy from my blog or becomes a customer, to me they are almost useless, because unless I go to my Analytics I don’t know they exist. So in my case, I see comments as the living proof of my blog.

      Thanks for your excellent comment, Danna :)

  5. Lisa
    December 10, 2012

    Sylviane, you got this one so right! You really need to get out and visit other blogs, comment and share to have others visit yours too. It’s a great way to get to know other people too. It’s all about relationships and Adrienne does such a fabulous job with it too. She always makes you feel welcomed at her “place.”
    Content is important but so are relationships.
    I didn’t realize you had closed comments before. I’ve always wondered why some choose that way. Interesting about brand names too. Relationships is the way to build that trust.
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    • Sylviane Nuccio
      December 11, 2012

      Hi Lisa,

      Oh, no I never had closed comments, it’s just that nobody came to comment in the past. I would never do that.

      Yes, relationship is so very important and Adrienne sure understood that and taught me a lot about it.

      Thanks for coming, Lisa!

  6. Michael Belk
    December 10, 2012

    Sylviane, I agree traffic is not the only reason and you outlined some good reasons why visitors come to your blog.

    People visit blogs they trust and name alone goes a long way. I have been monitoring my blog and I think I am building a good brand because people are not only coming; they are leaving positive feedback.

    • Sylviane Nuccio
      December 11, 2012

      Good way to go Michael,

      That’s right if it wasn’t for the feedbacks we wouldn’t know, and such feedback are social proof for better ranking as well. We really need those comments.

      Thanks for coming by.

  7. Carol Lynn
    December 10, 2012

    Ah, this is a conversation you and I have had before! Going to someone’s blog and leaving a comment… and nobody answers you… chirp..chirp…chirp… why would I bother commenting again? And you know what, there is a LOT of content on the web. So you’re right, it could be good content, but I can find good content somewhere else and probably find a blogger who will pay attention to their readers! In fact, it wasn’t that long ago that I stopped reading someone’s blog – I thought the content was great, the titles were always interesting but the person never responded or talked back to me. So I unsubscribed and gave up. There are lots of people who write content worth reading so I’ll go show them some love!

    I’m with you on the same page here. Your actions can have a lot to do with how well your blog does, not just how well you write.
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    • Sylviane Nuccio
      December 11, 2012

      Hi Carol,

      Great example you gave here. You got tired of being ignored and unsubscribed. Now if you did this, you can assume that you are not the only one, so at the end of a year, who knows how many subscribers they’ve lost? I really don’t get that kind of behavior, but it’s their loss in the end.

      I sure personally always appreciate your great comments and reply to them, always :)

  8. Sid
    December 11, 2012

    Great post Sylviane! I have been following Adrienne’s blog for some time now, and it’s remarkable to see her progress in terms of traffic and the loyalty of readers she attracts. It actually changed my whole idea of blogging – like so many bloggers, my initial impression of blogging came from sources like ShoeMoney that were extremely popular half a decade ago and almost look like ghost-towns now compared to their hey-days at least.
    I am honestly glad to see there are plenty of other ways to get traffic than simply the search engines. Come to think of it, wasn’t that the original purpose the whole blogosphere in the first place – connections?

    • Sylviane Nuccio
      December 16, 2012

      Hi Sid,

      Looks like somehow I’ve missed your comment.

      Isn’t it great that Adrienne helped you see blogging under a new light? When I started blogging I learned nothing about building relationship. All I was taught was create content with keywords and publish. I hated it, that’s why I have no problem with building relationships. that’s what I like.

      Thanks for coming :)

  9. James
    December 11, 2012

    I have to admit, i have been one of those bloggers who is bad about not responding to all the comments, or going long periods of time before getting back to them. Sometimes I get so caught up in doing things I forget to take care of the little things that keep people coming back.

    However, I also have to say when good commenters come by, I try to always respond. Sometimes I find it difficult to find something to keep the comments going when all the comments are short one liners though.

    Adrienne is great at engaging in the comments, and we can get into good discussions through a simple blog post (sometimes the individual comments get longer than the original post) but often I wind up with one or two line comments that really don’t leave anything but a “thanks for the comment” answer to share, and I find those kind of comments are as bad as not saying anything at all.

    • Sylviane Nuccio
      December 11, 2012

      Hi James and thanks for coming!

      You are totally right a two liner comment that just say thanks doesn’t call for much reply but another stupid “thanks”. I agree that useless comments like that are just as bad as no comment at all, in most cases anyway.

      I believe that anyone with a brain and who has read the post, of course, can do better than this. It’s all about wanting to.

      Thanks for your honesty, James, I know it’s easy to get caught up in our busy life, but taking care of our readers is very important :)

  10. Julia Reed
    December 11, 2012

    Hi Sylviane,
    Thank you for raising this important issue. And special thanks for saying what most of us are embarrassed to say aloud “Great content is not enough for generating traffic”.
    Relationships are everything in blogosphere. If I see that nobody reads and answers my comments, I would feel that I am not welcome and would not bother sharing my impressions. I would like content at least twice more if I like the author.

    • Sylviane Nuccio
      December 11, 2012

      Hi Julia,

      Thank you for the compliment here. It’s never hard for me to say the truth, even if it’s the ugly truth sometimes. I might as well use this honesty in my blogs.

      Like you said if you understand that you are not important or valuable for the owner of the blog, you don’t feel like coming back. Bloggers need to understand that!

  11. Pauline
    December 11, 2012

    Hi Sylviane
    Adrienne is such a great lady, she seems be get mentioned everywhere I go :)
    I was so glad when I found her she is an inspiration to us all!
    I have gained so much more traffic and made some great connections and relationships through Blog Commenting so I totally agree with you on this post.
    I have seen my traffic increase quite a lot since I started visiting other blogs and leaving comments, I do get a little annoyed though if I have taken the time to read a post and leave a comment if the author does not reply, I find that quite rude. It’s understandable if sometimes they do not reply straight away as things happen but I try and not leave it more than a couple of days before I reply to my readers comments.
    This is a great way of driving traffic to our blogs so thanks for sharing, hope you have a great day.

    • Sylviane Nuccio
      December 11, 2012

      Hi Pauline,

      I know that your comments have improved. I’ve noticed that, especially recently. It was very nice for me to be able to observe that.

      So, you’re a living proof that blog commenting will improve your own traffic. Isn’t that so?

      • Pauline
        December 12, 2012

        Hi Sylviane
        Yes my blog is receiving many more comments and my traffic is increasing which is nice to see, thanks for all your support I really appreciate it :)

  12. Raena Lynn
    December 11, 2012

    Hi Sylviane,

    Once again you have created a wonderfully informative post. The premise that content is King has proven to be a major factor to attract loyal audiences. The recent search engine changes emphasize quality content and social engagement, so to acquire responsive long term quality traffic, the interaction part is integral, and we cannot leave out SEO. I’ve been to many blogs with incredible content and very little comments. Branding is essential.

    Directing your readers to Adrienne Smith as an example of the Queen of Engagement is a great starting point to inspire other bloggers with the best example of the “How To” in blogging and following up correctly to build quality traffic.

    Readers will come back for more, once you’ve branded yourself…the most important first step. Let us not forget being nice! Thanks Sylviane!

    Raena Lynn

    • Sylviane Nuccio
      December 11, 2012

      Hi Raena,

      I’m lucky enough to know lots of nice bloggers, thankfully, such as you as well as Adrienne and others, and we even hangout online don’t we?

      I mentioned Adrienne because as you said she is the Queen of engagement and I’ve got quite a few readers from her because my being showing my face over there at her blog. So, blog commenting does work, no doubt about it.

      Thank you so much for coming here, Raena, and I will come over to see you as well ;)

  13. Tom Watson
    December 11, 2012

    Couldn’t agree more…. You need to reach out to those who walk through your door. If someone owned a brick and mortar business and simply ignored the vast majority of people who came in, people wouldn’t respond too well to that. Same thing in the online world. Be FRIENDLY, be THANKFUL and get to know folks as much as they will let you.

    • Sylviane Nuccio
      December 11, 2012

      Hi Tom and welcome here.

      Yes, you’re so right and thanks for pointing this out.

      I have wroked for some of such brick and mortar stores and to them, the customer is king and they not only don’t ignore the customer but attend to his every need. I don’t know why people think that it’s different with an online store such as a blog. It’s not, really :)

      Thanks for your input.

  14. Theodore Nwangene
    December 11, 2012

    Great point you’ve got here Mary,
    I’ve also been guilty of that before when i was starting, but i wont blame myself because i never knew about it it.

    I would say that most bloggers are often feeling too big to visit their commenters blog, some of them even finds it very hard to reply to their readers comments. That is really bad you know.

    Well, i quite agree with you that Adrienne is very good at that, in fact she is one of the most friendly blogger I’ve met.

    Thanks for this wonderful post Mary.

    Enjoy yourself and pass my greetings to your family.

    • Sylviane Nuccio
      December 12, 2012

      Hello Theodore, but my name is Sylviane! Not Mary :) I know that you’ve been here before, so that’s just a mistake.

      Yes, Adrienne is one of the most friendly people I’ve met online, even if she is not the only one, she is definitely on top of the pile, and like a lot of people I tend to be attracted by friendly people, so it works great for her.

      Thanks for coming by :)

      • Theodore Nwangene
        December 12, 2012

        Do accept my sincere apology Sylviane,
        It was really a mistake.

        I visited a blog whose owner is Mary, so i thought i was still on her blog.

        Thanks and have a nice day.

      • Sylviane Nuccio
        December 16, 2012

        Oh, OK, Sorry for the misunderstanding, but nice to see you here :)

  15. saytue
    December 12, 2012

    You are so right. I have good content and lately i have been getting a lot of comments simply because I connect more.

    Great piece!

    • Sylviane Nuccio
      December 13, 2012

      Hi Saytue,

      I’m glad you are a living proof of this fact. There’s nothing like connecting with people.

  16. Neamat Tawadrous
    December 12, 2012

    Hi Sylviane,

    What a wonderful blog post Sylviane. I got lots of value from it. I am glad I read such a post in my early stages of my blogging career as I learnt a lot from this post. Definitely relationship is key. It is the magnet that attracts readers and comm-enters to your blog.

    I am very grateful for the lesson you taught me on this blog and I will be sure to implement it and of course I will also visit Adrienne’s blog and start learning from her too.

    Thanks again for such a great post with tons of value. It made lots of sense.

    Be Blessed,

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    • Sylviane Nuccio
      December 13, 2012

      Hi Neamat,

      I’m glad that you’ve connected with people who love and respect their readers. Not all bloggers do, but in the end they kind of reap what they sow.

      Maybe it’s still doing well for them, regardless, but that’s not my way of doing business online.

      Thanks for coming here again.

  17. Atish Ranjan
    December 12, 2012

    Basically content is there to hold the reader for long with its quality. For traffic you have to do a lot of tasks like promotion on social bookmarking sites, social networking sites etc. Also while writing the title and description mind the targeted keywords.

    • Sylviane Nuccio
      December 13, 2012

      Hi Atish,

      Yes, you’re right, to attract traffic in the first place, it takes more than content alone, regardless of how you treat your readers once they’re there, but when they do come that’s when you want to treat them well.

  18. Sue Neal
    December 12, 2012

    What a fantastic post, Sylviane – and very reassuring, because although I’ve a way to go to get anything like the kind of traffic you and Adrienne receive, I feel I’m on the right track.

    I couldn’t agree more that building relationships is crucial – it’s time-consuming and labour intensive, but so worthwhile and very rewarding. I really like the feeling that I’m getting to know other bloggers.

    I love visiting and commenting on other people’s sites, because I learn so much in the process. And it’s great to feel that at least a few people are starting to visit my site because they’re getting to know me.

    It’s bound to take time and effort to gain people’s trust and respect – sadly, I guess a lot of bloggers just aren’t prepared for that,

    Many thanks for a very honest and challenging post,


    • Sylviane Nuccio
      December 13, 2012

      Hi Sue,

      Yes, visiting blogs and commenting on them, plus replying to your own comments is time consuming for sure, but as you said so rewarding.

      Well, here is the proof, you came to my blog fist, I think, and then I came to yours, so that’s one more reader to your blog, and one more social proof to show off to other readers… it just snow ball, doesn’t it?

      Thanks for coming :) Sue.

  19. Marcel Spitz
    December 13, 2012

    Hi Sylviane, great post. Saw your comment on Adrienne’s blog and followed you from there. Your blog is fab, so much information on it. Am now a regular follower of your blog, that is for sure. Regards.

    • Sylviane Nuccio
      December 16, 2012

      Hi Marcel,

      Well, thank you so much. I will be sure to come by you as well, because I always try to get to know those who are nice enough to come visit me. I’m very glad that you liked what you’ve seen so far.

      • Marcel Spitz
        December 17, 2012

        A pleasure to be here Sylviane, so many nice things to read here. Regards

      • Sylviane Nuccio
        December 18, 2012

        I wanted to comment on your blog but that platform makes it impossible to do. Have you thought about using a different platform?

      • Marcel Spitz
        December 19, 2012

        Thanks for visiting my blog, I thought one was able to leave a comment on it via FB. Am I wrong? Please do let me know. Regards.

      • Sylviane Nuccio
        December 19, 2012

        Yes, but that’s why so many people don’t like that EN system… Not everyone wants to leave a comment through facebook. I know lots of people who don’t and I am one of them.

        This will really reduce your opportunity to get comments on your blog. Also, Empower Network was banned from facebook recently, so even less people will do so now, even if they lift the band. I’m not sure people would want to take the risk.

      • Marcel Spitz
        December 20, 2012

        Thanks for letting me know Sylviane – I appreciate your feedback. Regards

  20. Mike Collins
    December 13, 2012

    Hi Sylviane,
    You make a great case for the importance of interacting with commenters. I am guilty of letting comment moderation slip while focusing more on content creation, but I am making reader interaction more of a priority with long-term growth in mind.

    • Sylviane Nuccio
      December 16, 2012

      Good for you Mike. You said it, if you want to build “long term, interacting with your readers is the way to go. I so love my readers for having taken few minutes out of their busy schedule to read my post and comment. I never take this for granted!

      Thanks for being one of them today :)

  21. Les Wallack
    December 13, 2012

    Sylviane –
    Thanks for “hitting the nail on the head with this post”. First, you are right on with using Adrienne Smith as the act to follow!! She has set the bar where it should be and she keeps nudging it higher and higher! You are in the same class as well!
    Prior to becoming a blogger, I was a professional portrait photographer and owned my own studio for over 40 years. It was a brick and mortar type business as opposed to an on-line business. So…I understand exactly what you are saying. Words are one thing but being a real person with even just a pleasing personality – yet alone an outstanding personality, will take one a lot further ahead.
    I enjoyed your post tremendously!


    • Sylviane Nuccio
      December 16, 2012

      Hi Les,

      If you’ve been a brick and mortar business owner, I am sure you know what I mean. Even if you were the best photographer but with an awful personality, I’m sure your business would have suffered from that.

      What I don’t understand is why some bloggers feel that it’s OK not to be respectful when you can hide behind a blog. My blog is my store, so to speak, but I sure try not to hide behind it. I would hate myself for doing that.

      Thanks for your input, Les.

  22. Viola Tam
    December 14, 2012

    Hi Sylviane,

    Thank you for doing this post and sharing those interesting statistics to illustrate the point. Consistent small steps do pay off.

    I am glad that Adrienne Smith has impacted on your blogging career. I agree that she is derserving what you called Queen of Engagement. The ‘like’ factor is indeed very important. I have also learned a lot from her. I can testify that she always visits back someone who comes to her blog and she will try to get to know her visitors. She is ENGAGING & SUPPORTIVE!

    You too have been sharing so much knowledge here. I am truly blessed to be connected, Slyviane :) Keep shining & giving. Let’s spread the Adrienne Smith spirit in this blogging world.

    Viola Tam – The Business Mum

    • Sylviane Nuccio
      December 16, 2012

      Hi Viola,

      Thanks for coming here. Yes, if so many people speak of Adrienne is because she is doing something right, and while it takes time to do what she does, anybody can do the same.

      I don’t believe in the I’m too busy excuse, because I’m so busy myself, and I know that Adrienne is very busy too. So nobody has any excuse.

      Thanks for your nice comment Viola :)

  23. Matt
    December 15, 2012

    Yes, it’s not just the blog content that matters. I’ve found that with several blogs I’ve written so far.

    You can get a bit of search traffic without interacting with other bloggers. But that’s about it. It can be frustrating.

    But if you can get to the point of getting a couple of comments on your blog, you’re on the cusp of more traffic. it’s important to reply to them as this will make it more likely for others to comment because your blog is “alive”. That will make it more shareable on social media, too.

    • Sylviane Nuccio
      December 16, 2012

      Hi Matt and welcome here!

      Yes, that’s right. Comments are not just good to look pretty at the bottom of your post, it makes it more search engine efficient and it works for social media as well as you mentioned. But most of all, as you said it let’s people know that your blog is ALIVE. Comments are the blood stream of a blog.

      Thanks for your input :)

  24. Sue Bride
    December 18, 2012

    50 comments so far You have certainly learned how to balance quality content with quality promotion. By quality promotion I mean the sort that keeps bringing people back and has a viral effect to bring more.

    Commenting on a lot of other blogs is good as far as google is concerned but it is how you comment and respond to those on your own blog that is important too.

    You spend time giving informed, informative answers and show that you are interested in your readers, for what they say and not just to get the numbers.

    • Sylviane Nuccio
      December 18, 2012

      Yes, Sue I love my readers, truly, and appreciate them so much. They must feel that, somehow. I try to answer the best I can their questions or comments. Sometimes if I’m not sure what they mean I even read the comment 2 or 3 times. I just love the whole thing. It’s so nice to see you here, Sue. I hope you’re doing well.

  25. Marcel Spitz
    December 26, 2012

    Hi Sylviane…Season’s Greetings to you and all on this awesome blog. Best wishes and regards.

  26. Lee
    April 5, 2013

    Hi Sylviane
    I think on line people forget that every visitor should be treated as a potential customer and therefore should be treated as though they are going to buy a product if treated like this hopefully we are on the right track. You treat people the opposite and you are soon going to be in trouble and end up in the trash bin along with your business.

    Really great advice thanks lee

    • Sylviane Nuccio
      April 6, 2013

      Hi Lee,

      That’s right we should treat everyone as a potential customer, and most of all as we would like to be treated ourselves. I wish more people would believe that.

      Thanks for your feedback.

  27. prabhat
    April 20, 2013

    i always hear that content is king but i do agree that content can not do wonders for you. yes it can bring you loyal readers but there are different ways to get high traffic like Social media, SEO and other things. we shoudl also focus on these things.

  28. Pst Bless
    September 22, 2013

    Thank you Sylviane.
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