Persuasive Article Methods

The first time I ever published a written piece online was almost 6 years ago.  It will be in a couple of months.  Yes, it was in April 2006 that I was clicking on that submit button for the first time.  time goes by fast! I don’t write much product […]

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Persuasion is a big deal and people who have the ability to persuade others will definitely get what they want in the end. There are many different ways to be persuasive.  An online acquaintance of mine just wrote a great series of 4 blog posts about the art of persuasion.  […]

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Are you writing for your readers to say yes, or are you writing for them to say no?  The very reason why this blog is called persuasive article marketing is because it’s teaching you on the subject of making your articles “persuasive” and, persuasive means that we are making sure […]

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In the internet nowadays the competition is too great to be able to afford to write mediocre copies.  It doesn’t matter that you are writing articles, emails, ads, blog posts or anything else you may think of.  If you don’t grab the attention of your readers from the get go […]

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For some reasons the word “influencing” might sound like a negative word for many people.  This is due to the fact that people use this skill for selfish reasons to make people do what they want them to do.  However, influencing someone doesn’t have to be a negative thing. If […]

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Very few internet marketer teachers are teaching how to write persuasive articles.  What is more emphasized on is good content, valuable content, etc…  But really what is valuable content? This a good question because valuable content can mean several things.  What kind of valuable content are you looking for? This […]

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What is persuasive article marketing?  Simply stated it’s being able to persuade your readers to do what the article is meant to lead them to do.  But, it is also more than that. Persuasive article marketing is also being able to persuade the article directory that your article is NOT […]

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What we call article marketing is a general term which means writing articles in order to promote products or services.  However, most people out there do not understand that there are several different ways to write articles depending on what you are selling or promoting. There are really three distinct […]

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