Authentic Writing

For some time now I’ve noticed that when I put my mind into writing about any topic, may that be personal development, blogging, writing, describing a French city, a dish or anything else I may have to write for a client, I just write as I think, effortlessly. I do […]

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What happens to blogging when we are having a less than usual week? Are you someone who is good with blogging even in the midst of havoc? I would love to know your own answer to this question, because when my life goes haywire, I find it difficult to put […]

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Are you striving to write superior content? Because there are so many blogs and articles online, and a lot of them of very good value, we should all strive to write better and better. We should all be working on the art writing superior content. Yes, Writing is an art just […]

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What does value mean to you? Anyone who has worked for an American Corporation company would tell you that 99% of the work they do adds very little value to their end users. Are you shocked?  Well, if you are reading this you probably already know what I’m talking about. […]

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Why are you blogging? Do you like blogging? Are you still wondering what you should be blogging about?  What is blogging anyway? Blogging has opened many doors to many people.  Today, anyone can blog about anything and publish their thoughts, ideas, expertise, and so on.  And they can do it […]

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OK, we made it! This is the last chapter of my series on how to turn a browser into a reader. If you’ve just landed on this post I suggest that you read part one and part two first, and then come back here for the final part of this […]

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How would you define authentic writing? I thought today was a good time to write about authentic writing, since I am part of team that just put together a great new blog called Crimson Soapbox and which main theme is authentic writing.  But, what does authentic writing really mean? What […]

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