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I read a lot of blogs written by non-native English speakers.  As a matter of fact, the web is full of blogs that belong to both foreign speakers who are still struggling to write in good English and those who have managed to master the language just as well as […]

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Are you shaking your head as you’re reading this title? Do you feel that’s one of those bomb titles that are just written to impress? Well, part of my work IS, indeed, to find impressive titles, because they work great, but I am not someone who would just deliver on […]

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A lot of new bloggers, mostly affiliate marketing bloggers, have asked me various writing questions over time. For this post today, I thought I’d picked some of such questions and try to answer them for you. I know I’ve written about those questions and answers before on various blog posts, but by […]

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Before you are going to be able to submit your article and for our article brings you positive results, which means  a lot or readers and ultimately some profit, you need to actually write the article.  Here we are going to talk about 5 fundamental steps to follow to submit […]

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