What is smart strategic content marking? Are you using it? By the way, I think that I came up with the term. I should trademark it because I’m pretty darn sure someone will want to steal it from me. I was actually surprised to find NO content with this great […]

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So, how do YOU keep motivated to write on your blog week after week even when life makes it difficult for a while? Keeping a blog going means to write an article once a week (at least), but at times events in our life such as grief, illness, and other […]

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How can I Find High Paying Clients? This is definitely one of the questions I get the most. While a small number of freelance writers have found their own specific ways to land high paying clients for their writing business, many more are still scratching their heads wondering how the […]

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You may have read, in a previous post of mine, that I’ve joined a toastmasters’ club recently, and this past Wednesday I was scheduled for my first speech, called the ice breaker. As I was preparing for my speech, I observed how a speech structure resembles a blog post structure.  […]

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It’s not a secret that if you love to write, you can find many opportunities to make a very comfortable living, in today’s internet world. I’ve read recently that in order to make lots of money writing, what you need the most is NOT being an excellent writer in the […]

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To answer this question in a few words, I would say, when you’ve become tired of your old theme or when it has become a real necessity for your business and online presence. Yes, you’ve guessed it, time has come for me to give a serious makeover to my blog, […]

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This year has been a very tough one on me to say the least. When tough things happen to us, we bloggers, may have a harder time to keep our blog going. It’s certainly has been the case for me. When life delivers emotional turmoil it can be hard to […]

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I see a lot of articles with advice for freelance writers, but very little if any for the companies and individuals who are in the market of ordering content for pay.  Are you looking to hire a freelance writer but don’t know where to start? A month a so ago […]

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I don’t have a specific date where I feature other bloggers, or at least not yet, but today I thought it would be a good time for me to feature some great blogs and bloggers that I’ve got to know and started following. Four of those bloggers, I’ve got to […]

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I read a lot of blogs written by non-native English speakers.  As a matter of fact, the web is full of blogs that belong to both foreign speakers who are still struggling to write in good English and those who have managed to master the language just as well as […]

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Today I’m happy to present you with a guest blogger. Ryan Biddulph who is a very talented and successful blogger and freelance writer has accepted my invitation to write a post for me as I’m facing some difficult times right now. So, without further ado, let’s find out what are […]

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